Editing Services

Putting out the best book possible is every author's goal and I appreciate how important your work is and how the time you put in means more than just minutes in your day.  Your work deserves respect, to be treated with dignity and courtesy. As an author, I get that. 
As an editor, my duty is to guide you in creating the work that shines in a way that doesn't break the bank. I have developed a pricing plan with that in mind. 
A little about me...
I am an agented author with two published books and am contracted for three more (one of which will be published in August 2015, one in February 2016 and one in August 2016). I am also an editor for a small press. I love to read and I recognize the potential in books that just need that little nudge. I LOVE helping provide that nudge!
I am enthusiastic and can wrap my head (and usually heart) around a good character. I specialize in romance and Women's fiction, but am a very eclectic reader who can spot a grammar issue at twenty paces. 

I offer packages designed to fit any budget.

#1-The Thick Skin   $2 per page (double spaced size 12 font) Minimum ten pages.You get it all. No rose tinted glasses or pretty words. You get an honest edit with comments and edits from the first word to the last word.  Notice the name... this is a tough edit to stomach and I realize that, but it is designed to help you recognize areas for improvement. And since it is one round it is generally big.  For a manuscript longer than 200 pages, 10 pages are free!  For your money, you get a comprehensive edit that will pinpoint areas in your work that need some special attention. These areas may include but are not limited to: Head hopping, Plot Holes, Improper use of grammar, Dialogue that sounds stilted or stiff or too old/young for characters, Romance without chemistry (if applicable), Over-used words, Telling/passive sentences

#2 The War on telling $1.50 per page (double spaced size 12 font) Minimum ten pages. This edit focuses on areas that tell the reader information rather than bringing them into the action and letting them into the room with the characters. As a bonus, for a whole manuscript edit, you get 10 pages of the thick skin. 

#3 Grammar Girl on the Case $1.25 per page (double spaced size 12 font) Minimum ten pages. Who hates bad grammar? This girl. I loathe bad grammar, over used and weak words. In this edit, I put on my superhero shirt and zap bad grammar to oblivion and use my death ray to shoot weak words to the abyss! 

#4 Your romance needs a little love $1.00 per page (double spaced 12 pt. font) Minimum ten pages. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Romance is not. Romance is a feeling generated by chemistry and if your reader isn't beholding great big gobs of romance in your ROMANCE novel, chances are, you might need a little bump in that direction. This edit is about that bump. Obviously, not every book is about the emotion and passion of romance, but the ones that are better have it in spades and I'm here to help you find it.

I'm a bargain shopper. I use coupons and if I'm not satisfied, somebody is getting a call. So, with that in mind, I'm offering the try it before you buy it guarantee. Send me your two least favorite pages and I will send you back an edit based on the package you wish to buy (except #4--that one is quite impossible to do in two pages, but send me a chapter). If you don't like your two pages, there's no obligation. I'm not going to come to your house or call your cell or harass you by email, or snail mail or sell your name to the telemarketers. If we're not a good fit, no hard feelings and I wish you much success in your career. 
I don't do queries  simply because they are subject to a whole different set of rules that are based on an agent's and/or publisher's preference and each query should be individually written for the agent. Each version should have its own voice highlighting the agent's preference representative of the research you ave done. I also do not guarantee that after my edit you will obtain an agent or a publisher. I can't promise anything. I can say I will give you an objective fair assessment with suggestions and comments for the areas needing improvement.