Tuesday, May 16, 2017

What You Wish For...An interview with the Author

I have read a lot of books. And by a lot, I mean...A LOT. And I have had book hangovers that rival the real deal, but there is only one book that gives me that same hangover every time I read it (And I have read it often and repeatedly since I first "met" the author).

What is that book, you ask. Why all the suspense, you're probably wondering. No big secret. No reason to NOT tell. The book is WHAT YOU WISH FOR by Gina Wynn.

This is a book with heart that will make you laugh at lines like... Note to self: Career suicide—never the way to ask for a pay increase.

...make you want the hero when he says things like "Choose me, Maggie. I choose you"

...make you feel for the supporting characters because they are just so darned likable (Wait until you meet Jake)

...make you want to relive it over and over again. And I have. But now, some insight into the author.

Gina lives in England. She uses the word "Bloody" in place of my favorite four letter word that not surprisingly rhymes with DUCK, and she is a mommy who has to sneak writing time around bedtime, homework, bath time, dinner, and baking bread (Obviously not in that order. That would just be silly). She has worked with children (Professionally and in her private life), been an editor (the only person I trust with a first read of my stuff), a wife (with a scary number of book boyfriends), and my bestie (What can I say? I', blessed)!!!!

Now, without further adieu, get to know Gina yourself...in her own words.

ME: Where and when do you write?

GINA: I write all the time and none of the time. I write around my children and around my housework or, when the housework gets to be too much and my whole family is living in something environmental health would restrict access to, I get an attack of the guilts for not writing or keeping house adequately. :-) I’m sure there’s no balance to be had. :-)

With regard to Wish specifically, it came out of me fairly rapidly…well, for 80, 000 words and a few more, it wasn’t so bad. When I wasn’t writing it, I was thinking about it. I went on holiday with my family in the middle of writing, and we had some fairly long car journeys. I can’t read or write in a car, but I thought about the characters and situations constantly. I knew them all really well when I came home.

Sometimes, I put my laptop in the corner of the kitchen (ow whichever room I’m supposed to be tidying) and write a sentence here and there. It’s not very often I get time for long sprints. It’s why I’m such a slooooooooow writer. :-D 

ME: It makes for intense reading when I'm dying for the next bit. I'll be scheduling a meeting with your husband and children to discuss my plight!

ME: When did you start writing, and why?

GINA: Like many writers, Ive been writing since primary school. When I was 6, I was writing some of the longest stories in my class - stories that the teacher would write notes home about, or that would get read to the whole school at assembly. 

With Wish, specifically, I started it all of a sudden one afternoon when my children were on a break from school. Id spent the afternoon helping my son sort what felt like gallons of lego into bricks of the same colour, and I just wondered what my alternate self was doing right then. I assumed she was somewhere peaceful with a hot chocolate. 

ME: My alternate self is somewhere on an island with a copy of What You Wish For while Bon Jovi smooths suntan lotion on my back. ... Oh, right. This is about you. Sorry.

ME: What do you find hardest to write?

GINA: Ha! Anyone who knows me while Im writing will know the answer to this. :-) I find writing the sex scenes hardest of all. I like them to justify themselves in terms of the storyline progression, and I like them to forward the characters’ journeys. They have to feel quite natural, but writing them naturally is the thing I find most difficult of all, for sure. :-)

ME: She isn't kidding. We joke about a line one of us wrote...I think it was her?... Instead of writing the love scene, we put in..."When they were finished." But eventually, the scene gets written and they are usually breathtaking and romantic and...*sigh* Amazing.

And now, the moment we've all been waiting for. Let's talk about Wish and Will and Maggie. Maybe even some Jake????

ME: Have you got a favorite scene - which? why?

GINA: In Wish, I don’t really have a favourite scene. When I’m reading, I switch between self-editing (still) and thinking ‘this is actually pretty good!’ those are the moments I live for - those times when the dialogue still makes me laugh, or a scene reads as if someone else has written it. I enjoy still being able to find surprises in my writing. 

ME: Well, I have a few favorites. I think there is so much depth of emotion in WISH and I latch onto any scene that makes me feel something real. The scene where Will and Maggie talk about Charlotte is a particular favorite. (Wanna know who Charlotte is? Can't tell. That would be a spoiler!) It was so emotional for me. I also liked when Will asked Maggie if she would be leaving through the front door or the closet. I could feel his pain and his desperation in that one line. To this day, I think it's one of the most brilliant lines I've ever read. (In context. I am just not doing it justice).

ME: Aside from taking my word as law, why should someone buy your book?

GINA: If you are looking for something a little bit different, or a book best described as ‘Outlander without the history, Fringe without the science fiction’ piques your interest, this could be the book for you. It doesn’t really have a genre, and I struggle to sum it up accurately, but there is some romance, friendship, a lot of love, and a secret or two along the way.

Hopefully it will make you think because the characters don’t always necessarily make the good, or ‘right’, choices, but they aren’t bad people. 


ME: Swimming pool or the sea?

GINA: Absolutely the sea for looking at, and walking beside and gazing out over, but a pool for swimming in. Preferably an empty pool so I can just swim along. :-)

ME: Fruit or chocolate?

GINA: If you knew me, you wouldnt need to ask I live in the country of ACTUAL Cadbury. I quite like fruit and nut chocolate, but that’s as far as my love affair with fruit goes. :-D 

ME: Take the car or walk?

GINA: Well, aside from the fact I don’t hold a driving licence, and it would be illegal to drive, I get some of my best ideas while walking. I actually miss that my now-4 year old no longer needs her buggy {WE AMERICANS CALL THEM STROLLERS} because something about the rhythm of pushing that, some days for miles, really got me thinking. 

I want to thank Gina for joining me today. And come back tomorrow for another WHAT YOU WISH FOR feature post! Don't forget to pick up your copy today!