Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Reviews, Reviews, Reviews

I am a girl who loves to read. LOVES LOVES LOVES to read. And I have read some doozies lately. Books I loved, and books I didn't quite make it through. As a writer, it is hard to sit back and judge others. It feels mean. It feels like I should be praising them, no matter what because I know what they've put into it--the hours in front of a computer, the sweat (deadlines are stressful, people), the creating people you love, little parts of yourself or others you know. Grueling work. Even more grueling are the reviews, especially is the reviewer doesn't love your people the way you do. 

So, why do I do it? Why would I deign to read the works of other authors and presume to know or assume that I am fit to sit in judgement of others? Like I said, I love to read. And if I find a book I love and would read twice (Hello, Outlander. Howdy, What You Wish For), I want to tell the world. So without further rambling... here are a couple reviews from lately. 

Oh the twists and turns! And what a tangled web she wove. Liza Cole is fabulous storyteller, if she knows the story. She's written one masterpiece and a few meh-novels. Her husband, David, a lawyer struggling with the disappearance of his law partner and best friend, is pulling away. And Lza's fertility treatments have side effects that make her feel as crazy as her characters. And Beth, the heroine in her new novel is a delicious character with striking similarities to Liza herself, even if Liza can't see them.

This is not the traditional who-done-it suspense novel, but is a 5 star read full of twists and turns as Liza rediscovers a forgotten past, crafts a new novel that is woven through Holahan's chapters, and comes to the startling realization that nothing and everything is as she remembers.
   This is a twisty novel that will keep a reader guessing from the prologue to the end. I liked this book a lot.
   This book was provided by NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

Billie Flannagan is a wife, a mother, a woman with a past. And now, she's gone. Dead? Maybe. Vanished? Certainly. previously wild and carefree, Billie is a woman with secrets uncovered throughout the course of an investigation by her husband, Jonathan, and her daughter, Olive. 

There is a lot that happens in this book. The message though - that the tilt of a mirror can change the perspective of we have of a reflection - is powerfully presented. The details while sometimes tedious are presented in such a way that I didn't regret reading every word. This book was provided by NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

Summer Ryan has disappeared. One half of a twin set, Summer is the sweet, cello player with an eye toward the future. Her sister, Raine, is her polar opposite. Tough, street-smart and hair on the wild side, she is determined to find her sister, told hold her hand one more time and if she has to break into a house or two to do it, then so be it. Aided by a couple guys whose lives are no better than her own (one's a dialysis patient, the other is his father's punching bag), Raine embarks on a serious journey to find her sister, leaving no stone or drunk un-turned.  
The characters in this book are vividly crafted and the emotions are well presented. From beginning to end, the angst is palpable, the suspense is titillating and the ending is a surprise. I love that some phonetics were used to really set the book's tone and that the author didn't shy away from the tough topics these characters faced. I won't reveal the end, but wow. Really well done!