Thursday, May 25, 2017

Dandelion Wishes Excerpt... A do-over beyond belief

“Did Tucker Fallon just kiss you?” KC’s scowl, along with the hands punched onto his hips say plenty of things his  quiet words don’t. For the space of one delusional second, I think he must care about me in the way I do him. Then, I remember the way he backed off my bed. I can hear the thud in mind when he hit the floor. The thud that ended our friendship.
I blow out one of those fake disbelief scoffs. It catches on a chuckle and escapes as a snort. “No.” A nod I can’t explain bounces my hair around my shoulders. “Well, yeah. That was weird, right?” And flattering…and maybe by tomorrow my heart will be able to resume normal pacing.
As if I’d imagined KC’s sour look, it disappears, and he tilts his head, not quite smiling, but no longer scowling. “If I was you, I’d get used to it, Mel.” He points at Tucker who shoots me a three-finger wave and the come-get-me smile that has been known to dissolve cheerleader panties at more than a hundred paces. “I’d probably also get vaccinated, but that’s just me.”
“Tucker Fallon kissed me. In what world does that happen?” Even in my wildest dreams—and I’ve already had one of those that didn’t include Tucker’s face being anywhere near mine—things like this do not happen to me.

“You went from tomboy to super model in the space of a day, Mel. You gotta expect that guys are gonna be looking at you now.” And the scowl is back.