Friday, March 18, 2016

So, it's been a while...

Okay. I'm a slacker when it comes to promo. A bum when it comes to marketing, but alas, no more. I have some new books out (and coming out) and today, lucky reader, I'm gonna share.

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First, before we go any further... there are some things you should know about our heroine, Grace. She isn't a typical romance novel heroine (due in part or in whole because this is not a typical romance novel). She is flawed. She goes through things and handles them without the grace (see what I did there?) of your average well-put-together romance novel main character. She drinks. She swears. She makes bad decisions (of the semi-slutty-but-only-cuz-as-I-mentioned-she's-a-drunk kind). She has a bunch of sisters who make appearances here and there...AND... this heroine's story is NOT set in Storybook Lake although that is her home town. Okay. So now that we are all on the same page, I have one other thing to say... This book is a prelude to Simon's story because, let's face it, After Here He Comes Again, he was always going to have a story. In fairness, Simon was supposed to come first because it made sense to go that way, but issues arose and Grace was a rewrite to make her fit in the middle.

Spoiler Alert!
All that said...warning_1.gif - (7K)

“My wife killed our daughter.”
First day of work in a place as foreign as she's ever been, this is the line that starts it all for Grace. She is busy minding her own business when a client comes in and speaks that very line. As a lawyer, she gets tingly--not the ooh, this guy is hot kind of tingly, but the ooh, this is a case I can sink my lawyerly teeth into kind of tingly.
And hence we have the first BAD decision she makes. From there, the kind of effect of throwing a rock at the precariously balanced cap of snow a top a mountain begins. An avalanche of circumstances. And yet, she deals without the benefit of her friends Jack Daniels and Jim Beam. So far, but wait for it. The boys arrive in a mad rush of airplane travel and twin hotties who both think Grace is kind of amazing. 
Bottle_of_whiskey.gif - (7K)
She's thirsty. Cut her some slack!

No she isn't just drunk and seeing double. Blane and Jamie are twins. Brothers (reiterating that seems silly, but, you know, effect and all). Super hero crime fighters (not like Thor or anything. One's a lawyer, the other's a cop). 
Well, if there was a way to get a Thor picture into this blog, I was absolutely going to find it!
And with twins (spoiler alert: good seed bad seed trope coming right at ya) Grace's descent into further bad behavior is full-steam ahead. Let's be honest. In the face of identical twins, a heroine like Grace only has a one-percent chance of making a right decision. Let me say it again...ONE PERCENT. 
reactions whatever ugh eyeroll rolling eyes
Grace is not a smoker, but she does roll her eyes.. A lot.
Her conscience is not her best friend. Her business partner stopped giving out love-life advice and she has to rely on her own good sense (she's a lawyer, not a fortune teller--although that would have been fun to write) and she fails a lot. 
Of course her head is turned by the bad boy. Even though he is quite content to be a s$@t most of the time. Isn't that what bad boys do? And girls fall for it even though we, as readers, know it's S-T-U-P-I-D. 

It would be the conventional uncomplicated romance whereby we see the bad boy hero redeemed by the love of the flawless heroine, though if not for his brother, who, also not an angel...
Not the other kind, either
... has decided he wants some Grace for himself. In an act inspired by childhood hijinks, he slips into his bro's clothes and whirls Grace around the dance floor a time or two. Maybe he is just enough bad boy to turn Grace's head after all. 
Aside from her love life, her case is spinning its way around the big toilet that has become her career and the entire town has prejudged Grace's client and found the woman guilty. Enter Jack Daniels. And just keep the shots coming!
There's a trip to my favorite place in the whole world (Duh, I named my blog after Storybook Lake, so I must like it a little, anyway) and we get in touch with some old friends (I missed Keaton and Jocelyn so they get a scene). It doesn't drive the story in any way except to show that bad boys stay bad no matter what part of the country they travel to (oh, and it happens in a bar).
So, I can't go a lot further without making it unnecessary to buy the book, and let's face facts... I WANT YOU TO BUY THE BOOK or BORROW IT or READ IT.

And worry not... Simon's story will be here soon! Right here (with another picture of Thor thrown in just because, why not!)
Ready for pre-order!!!