Tuesday, March 22, 2016

20 lines from Falling Grace


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Falling Grace is ready and Simon's Story (Breaking Hearts) is coming in August!!!

To celebrate... I'm sharing my 20 favorite lines from Grace and her pals!

20.   I couldn’t decide if that fell in the good or creepy category of potential boyfriends. --Grace


19. I didn’t spend thousands of hours studying and working my ass off to sit behind a desk when I should be in a courtroom. I couldn’t care less if old Billy Ray gets Granddad Bobby Joe’s farmland.--Grace

18.  As I stood there half ignoring their conversation, it became clear to me the only thing that would ever make my skin glow was a good facial scrub.--Grace

17.  “You don’t think he’ll respect my legal skills more than my fake boobs?”--Grace
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16.  Oh, who was I kidding? He could have planned to take me to a state execution. As long as he wore that cologne and nuzzled into my body, I would be there.--Grace

15.  Aside from being as handsome as he was in need of a little blue pill, the town seemed to love him.--Grace

“He’s rather like a dog marking his territory, isn’t he?”...“Lucky you’re not a fire hydrant.” --Jamie

13.  He’d been in cowpoke country a little too long if he honestly believed what he said, but I wasn’t about to play that card until we were in front of a jury of Gabrielle’s peers. --Grace

12.  “It’s not a dead body, Blane. It’s just a car.” -- Grace

11.  "You will have to explain my cold dead body and how it ended up on the side of the road in this Podunk, weed-infested town to seven angry Wade girls and one over-protective father with a collection of shotguns that have never missed anything he aimed at." -- Grace  

10.  “Tonight, the man I was when I was with you is the man I really am. This thing with Blane was wrong, and I’m sorry. I wanted to be… I guess I wanted to be him. To have you look at me the way you looked at him at the lake.” -- Jamie

9.   Sorry. Doesn’t matter if you’re a Burberry model with a heart as big as the moon and eyes I could drown in, I’m not the chick who’s going to be making you breakfast in the morning. -- Grace

8.  “Well, Miss Big-time-I-never-lose-a-case lawyer, I would have to write and print it for it to be plagiarism. Where’d you go to school again?”--Jamie

7.  “I want to be man enough to give you the choice to walk away, but I’m afraid if I do you’ll take it and it will break me.”-- Jamie

6.  “No pressure. No hidden agenda except not letting such a perfect night end. I don’t want to share you with a bar full of people. I want to talk to you and get to know all the things inside that beautiful mind…learn what makes you happy and sad, and what song makes you get up and dance because you can’t stop yourself. I want to know your dreams and the secret wishes you make when you blow out your birthday candles. I want to know you.” -- Blane

5.  “I’m guessing it was the low budget version of the welcome wagon.” --Grace 

4.  “I drink too much to have secrets. I’m chatty.”-- Grace

3.  “Nothing halfway about you. You’re actually a full-blown drunk.” -- Blane

2.  “Unless you have a weapon and a shovel, I’m pretty sure the only place I’m going is home tonight.” -- Grace

1. "That’s not exactly country music kind of love. It’s sick. The holy-crap-you-need-therapy-and-a-bedroom-that-has-padding-on-the-walls kind.” -- Grace