Tuesday, January 26, 2016

It's HERE!!!! Forever Eve is available NOW!

I could not be more excited. This is a book that will make you wish you could see into the past and live another life in another time and place!

Level-headed Izabel is a soon to be Psychiatrist who lives in Chicago with the love of her life and now husband Bo Carmichael. Her straight-as-an-arrow path in life was simple, or so she thought—school, then career, then the nuclear family. What could possibly happen to divert that plan? 

The burden she has chosen to keep a secret from her best friend eats away at her psyche daily. 

Natalie Spencer, the best friend, is a non-conformist artist/gallery owner and a loud and proud bisexual; the complete antithesis of Izabel. Natalie has always lived outside the box and is determined to get Izabel to color outside of her neatly drawn lines for once in her life. After a few glasses of wine, a convincing argument and a lot of badgering Natalie persuades Izabel to visit a Past Life Regression therapist with her. Izabel didn’t plan to travel back to a world that would irrevocably change the rest of her life forever.