Wednesday, January 20, 2016

A fun review for a fun book!

Always Kiss Me Goodnight by Megan Gaudino

As an eclectic reader, I choose books for various reasons - none that I can define - but hardly ever do I run in the same genre for very long. However, if every YA fantasy was written by Megan Gaudino, I wouldn't spend a minute on anything else--done deal!

Always Kiss me Goodnight is a (though I had no idea when I picked it up) the 1st in a series of Guardian books. Leo, a superhero Guardian of Fate with a pretty face, a hot motorcycle and a hotter body, is inexplicably drawn to Sophia, a  year old, normal by all accounts, private school girl. While it is fair to say most normal girls don't dream/have visions (the distinction seems important to the author) of their own deaths, Sophia does. And though this book is steeped in fantasy, it's attraction is the way the author made Leo and his very timely appearance seem magic, but acceptable.

Being a Guardian of Fate, Leo has responsibility...the other worldly kind... and his choices to protect Sophia cost him greatly, but this again, is written in such a way that the question becomes could this be a valid explanation for the way and life and death is treated in the real world.  Being a girl in the real world, Sophia finds herself caught in a love triangle with current boyfriend (not a great guy) Aiden and Leo. It’s all a part of being a teenager (well, except that one of the boys turns red hot to the touch and has the power to save her from death).

This author created a spectacular world inside the real one which blends seamless together into Sophia's reality. Though the fantasy in this book is played down, it is an enchanting look into real life and the possibilities of otherworldly almost humans.

This is a 5 star book and I cannot wait to see what else this author has in store for Leo and Sophia.