Thursday, June 11, 2015

Your Day 3 Scavenger Hunt Clues

The Blue Book of Grown-up fairytales
Scavenger Hunt

Join  the hunt to win a prize
An Amazon gift card worth $25

We’ll give you the clues, you figure them out
Answer in pictures, to the net roam about

Be creative and post us a link
In comments on our blogs, then have a good think

We’ll pick the one who answered the best
And thanks to all who take our fun test

Check back on the 14, to see who won…
We’ll announce it all special, a slideshow of fun.

The Blue Book of Ftales has all you need
Buy it now, race with speed

The links below will send you to
The place where we made fairytales new.

Blue Book of Grown-Up Fairytales

Day 3 Clues

With bubbles and candles, it helps you relax
For Becca it's suggest the pond out back

It's green or it's sweet and sometimes it's iced,
Mixed in with Granny's potion for power ups all night

By luck or by chance you win this big game
Pick your six numbers , hope the state picks the same

Not one, not two, not three, not five
The number of wheels on this ATV ride

For camping this cushion is good for sleep
blow it or pump, watch out for leaks

Not ducks and not swans these fine feathered friends
get all of the credit for nights that don't end

This milestone birthday we celebrate one time
Before we are forty and after twenty nine

His brother plays this sport with no net
Not football or hockey, Hey, Pete. Don't bet.

Grandma bought this beauty on a whim
it gets her town with white vinyl trim

Inside its pages, fiction and rhyme
all kinds of tales, even the fairy kind.