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Fall in love with fairytales

Fall in Love with Fairytales

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Grimm's Fairy Tale Trivia

In answering the call for Decadent Publishing Beyond Fairy Tales Line, I couldn't resist digging into the actual facts of my f-tale and its creators. The Goose Girl at the Well wasn't a tale I'd ever heard before. Check out the questions below and play along. Don't worry. You won't be graded on it, plus, all the answers are below each question. Ready. Set. Go.

1. The Brother's Grimm collection of Fairytales contains a total of..._____ tales.
a.  201
b.  211
c.  221
d. 251 
Answer: B-- their tales were not all written by them, but rather collected and published by the Grimm brothers (Jacob and Wilhelm) to help their family out financially after the death of their father.

2. When the old woman went out into the forest every day, what did she gather?
a. Grass for her geese
b. The souls of little children
c. Berries
d. Water
Answer: A-- grass for her geese and all the wild fruit she could carry. 

3. Where did the old woman live?
a. cabin
b. castle
c. With the blacksmith
d. With the baker
Answer: A-- I suppose if the Grimms had been more like Decadent Beyond Fairytales authors, she would have lived with the blacksmith or the baker (more likely, if we'd written the tale first, both), but she lived in a cabin in a waste space that bordered the forest.

4.  What did the man wandering in the woods tell his sons about the woman?
a. She smells bad.
b. She has claws beneath her gloves.
c. She cooks and eats children
d. She is beautiful for her age.
Answer: B-- As a matter of rudeness, he also told them she was a witch, but she was instead, quite wise and scholarly and more of a fairy god mother than witch. (In For the Love of Geese, her name is Mable)

On the day the young man meets the woman, what has she collected in her basket?
a. apples and pears
b. berries and nuts
c. water
d. none of the above
Answer: A-- It was a basket and, therefore, wouldn't hold water. Threw none of the above in there just for fun and berries and nuts as a red herring. (No red herrings in For the Love of Geese, but there is a crazy ex-girlfriend who sounds more like Mickey Mouse than woman)

A saying the old woman tells the young man is "Don't look behind you. You'll only see how ______ your back is."
a. straight
b. bent
c. crooked
d. ugly
Answer: C-- I got nothing.

The young man was a...
a. prince
b. marquis
c. pauper
d. count
Answer: D Wouldn't be much fun if he was a pauper. Being a prince would make his new love affair awkward and a bit incestuous, and what the heck is a marquis anyway?

As pay, after his rest, what was the count's reward for helping the old woman?
a. A Diamond ring
b. An Emerald Book
c. A Ruby slipper
d. A Silver Spoon
Answer: B-- She wasn't proposing marriage, trying to get back to Kansas or auditioning for a 1980s TV show where a train in the living room was perfectly acceptable. 

The king's youngest daughter told him she loved him like _____.
a. sugar
b. a dress
c. Salt
d. Ice
Answer: C-- In her defense, she said it was because she enjoyed her food much more with salt on it. Her sisters said Sugar and a pretty dress. Seriously? Maybe he should have checked out his parenting skills if that was the best his beloved daughters could come up with.

What did the youngest daughter cry?
a. emeralds
b. diamonds
c. pearls
d. duh, tears.
Answer: C -- Yes, she must have been part clam because she cried pearls rather than tears.

Thanks for playing along. Don't forget to stop by V.S Morgan's blog for your next word search word of the day! And don't forget to pick up your $.99 copies of the Big Books of Grown-up Fairytales.

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