Friday, March 13, 2015

An awesome day, a really great year and fabulous BFF

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There are some months of the year that would best be left off the calendar... there is one, I could definitely live without... Then there are some months that are the best, most sparkly months every single year. Without chatting up the weather or the holiday that is in the month, it is just 31 days of mostly happiness. March is my month.

Every year in March for the last 24 years, I celebrate the day I married my husband. Our anniversary is also my mom's birthday, so that's a doubly good day. I gave birth to one of the eight most amazing children in the world 23 years and last year... I met my bestie. I know. How great a month is March???

Gina Wynn has become more than a CP, although she is pretty great at that, she has been an amazing friend and we talk about everything, not letting the fact that we are separated by a handful of eastern seaboard states and an entire ocean (she's from England) come between daily conversations, our commiserations and flat out bitching about our life events. That is friendship.

As a bonus, she has a spectacular talent that she shares with me as her words are actually going onto the paper. Her advice is spot on (about life and books) and she is kind and without her, my last year would not have been nearly so good.

Her Dollmaker's Desire will be available VERY soon and stay tuned for the links where you can buy it. Fairy tales and Romance and magic all bundled together! I can't wait!


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