Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Storybook Lake Twas the Night Before Christmas

Twas the night before Christmas
And all through the town
Christmas Lights were strung 
And snow floated down.

The shops were still open
For last minute gifts
And Simon just grinned
As he finished his shift.

The geese were all tucked up
Snug in their nest
Producing the oil,

The way they did best…

Inside at Mable’s
Tea started to brew
For product testing
And all night lovin’ too.

At Dylan and Becca’s
Their 1st Christmas Eve
A little blue box
Under the tree

Stockings and presents
And carols to sing,
But Dylan was nervous
To think of that ring.

Way down in Texas
Dylan’s family lives
A friend of the Laugherty’s
Our next story gives.

Can’t say a lot,
But I’ll give you some clues
TV, a wedding, ten little singers
And blue suede shoes

Magic in the forest
And ice on the lake
A chocolate box Christmas
No chance of Heartbreak!

Watch out for snowballs…
Dylan has two…
But that’s not the end
Of the presents for you!

For Jace and For Lyric
The shine of true love
He came with both ring and
Worn baseball glove.

This is a town
born from stories long past
But still writing new chapters
Of love that will last…

And of second chances 
between a J & a K
Another new story. 
That’s all I can say.

The traditions that grow here
Will last all their lives
When Love turns each lady …
Into a bride.

They’ll each close their eyes
For one Christmas Wish…
In Storybook Lake
Where men know
How to kiss!