Tuesday, October 28, 2014

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For the Love of Geese Photo Scavenger hunt

Figure them out and enter to win
Read on below and let the games begin.

Buy the book and give it a read
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Grab you camera and win that prize.

Send me your photos along with your name
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Your prize will come by US post
In the event of tie, it's whose pics I like most!

Be creative and have some fun,
then watch your email to see if you've won!


1.  It has 4 wheels but not a car
Dylan's mobile bedroom under the stars.

2.  Dylan's little bro plays America's game,
the hill where he stands that brought him fame.

3.  Mable's cabin is without one of these
Clean up in the lake, no bubbles please.

4.  Caked in mud, he couldn't believe
Becca paid $400 for a pair of these.

5.  He bought this real quick after reading a sign,
six numbers he picked--one through thirty nine

6.  He once wore this badge, his vow so true
Dylan was a man in black not a boy in blue.

7.  Held in a bar was this mile-marker event
to drink 'til he babbled was not his intent.

8.  Mable bought one big and antique-aged old
It came from Detroit's finest when this blue one was sold.

9.  One chased Becca around on her first day
the honking just meant it wanted to play.

10.  No facebook or twitter no signal at all
this couldn't be used to make a call.

11.  Spell it out this famous first line
Andersen, Grimm and Disney use it all the time.

12. Based on these the town was designed
buildings of shape and names on street signs.

13.  Grandma made this very special potion
like viagara or cialis, but not pills or lotion.

14.  Not a summer place, it's where Dylan's from
a Lonestar flag, a blazing hot summer sun.

15.  The singer whose song he hummer in her ear
as they danced at a party with his family all near.

16. This religious statue of an "enlightened" faith
Lily gave Ala this man of faith's name.

17.  This last one's your call, yes, you get to decide
the actors to play them in pictures in your mind.