Sunday, August 24, 2014

Welcome Wagon Interview Part 2

Welcome Wagon Interview Part 2

Our interview resumed after Becca was called away on a goose emergency and so we chatted with Dylan about relationships, meeting Becca and his own family.

 WW: How did you meet Becca?
Dylan: I picked her up from the airport when she first came to town.

WW: First Impressions?
Dylan: I thought she wore ridiculous shoes to go live out at Mable’s.

WW: What drew you to Becca?
Dylan: It’s not just one thing. It’s all the little things. But the minute I knew I wanted to see her again was during a snowball fight when she told me I threw like a girl. She looked so free, so happy. She made me want that.

WW: How long have you lived in SBL?
Dylan: A few months. I moved here from Battlecry Texas where my family lives.

WW: How big is your family?
Dylan: I have three brothers, Max, Ryan and Jace and a baby sister, Lily. Don’t worry, they come to visit.

WW: What brought you to SBL? 
Dylan: I went through a bad break-up and I wanted to get away.

WW: What was the most memorable thing Becca ever said to you?
Dylan: That she was holding Godzilla’s salad for and I was in striking range.

WW: What is the worst date you have ever been on?
Dylan: That would be back in Texas. My mom set me up with a girl who thought she was a magician. We were at a very nice restaurant and she tried to pull the tablecloth off the table while our food was sitting on top. She’d ordered spaghetti.