Monday, July 28, 2014

Storybook Lake Tattler Interview with Rebecca Heller, publishing princess

An Interview with Rebecca Heller, new Storybook Lake resident and publishing princess published in the Storybook Lake Tattler.

SBLT: Good morning and thank you for joining us. The readers love hearing about new residents.

RH: Thank you for having me.

SBLT: Let’s just jump right in. What is the first thing you noticed about Storybook Lake?

RH: There were a couple of things. First, there is a giant plant right in the middle of town that doubles for a beauty salon. When I saw it, I almost fell out of Dylan’s truck. I mean, that thing shoots off into the sky like some scary, overgrown foliage of death.

SBLT: And the second thing?

RH: The people here are the absolute most beautiful people I have ever seen. Either this town has some sort of plastic surgeon prodigy or there’s something in the water. Honestly, how many times can a girl’s eyes bug out of her head?

SBLT: How did you come to stay in Storybook Lake?

RH: Oh, that is a long story.

SBLT: We have time and the people are dying to know what brought a California girl to our quiet little town.

RH: Well, it all started with a big old bottle of scotch, my dad’s car and our garage door and it snowballed from there.

SBLT: Storybook Lake is almost famous for the friendships bonded here and the love found inside our city limits. Have you had time to make any new friends?

RH: Well, my Gran is the best friend I’ve ever had. And there are a few others I don’t think I could leave too easily.

SBLT: A special man, perhaps?

RH: Maybe.

SBLT: Speaking of your grandma… it’s rumored that you never met before you came.

RH: To be honest, I didn’t know she existed. She and my mother had a falling out and we never came to visit or even talked about her. I missed a lot and now we are making up for all of that.

SBLT: Your family has a rich history here.

RH: Yes. My Grandma shared that with me. It helped me to really connect and to stop looking at the city like it was ripped from some warped comic book or Twilight Zone episode.

SBLT: And rumor also has it that you have been seen around town with Dylan Laugherty. Is that true?

RH: A girl can’t tell all of her secrets.

SBLT: Have you met any of our local characters?

RH: Well, a few. Talk about culture shock.

SBLT: Culture shock?

RH: Well, finding out my grandma makes sex medicine and is revered in the town by your local characters because of it was a bit of a surprise. And everyone here seems to be connected somehow, by family or friendship. I could go for days in LA and never run across anyone I knew personally and definitely not as personally as these folks know one another.

SBLT: What has been your favorite part of your visit?

RH: Oh, there are so many things, aside from Grandma and the people. I think I would have to say it’s the snow. I saw my first snowfall and had my first snowball fight. Oh, and the test drive I went on when Gran was looking for a car. She was all the Fast and the Furious and our salesman was practically reciting the rosary in the back seat. Oh, and then there was my stay at the Munie Building. And I have taken a few very interesting four-wheeler rides.

SBLT: Well, it has been lovely talking this morning. One last question…Should we put your name on our new resident’s list?

RH: Well, I can’t leave until Gran shows me how to fry chicken and bake cookies. And them Geese don’t feed themselves, you know?

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