Monday, June 26, 2017

Books I love...

I am having a very good book month. Not for myself as an author, but as a reader. I have found some new loves!

First I want to start with the book that knocked my own right out of my #2 on the faves list. Yeah. It's good enough I like it better than my own.

Finding Claire Fletcher by Lisa Regab left me with a book hangover I am not over some four days (maybe five) later.  I got the book from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review. And I just want to say...this is an author I would read a hundred times, and a book I have recommended at least five times since I finished. The style is captivating. I loved every single word.

In the first book in bestselling author Lisa Regan’s new series, a one-night stand sets a detective on the trail of a terrifying unsolved crime.
With his career on thin ice and fresh ink on his divorce papers, Sacramento PD Detective Connor Parks goes searching for solace at the bottom of a bottle…and winds up in the arms of a beautiful woman. By morning she’s gone, and the one clue she left behind sends Connor on a desperate mission to unravel a decade-old mystery—her abduction.
Presumed dead for the last ten years, Claire Fletcher has been living her life as “Lynn,” a woman in the terrifying grip of her captor. After her unforgettable night with Connor, Claire clings to the hope that she’ll see him again, that he’ll follow her into the dark. But anyone who gets close to Claire has a way of turning up dead…and she’s unwittingly made Connor next on the list.
Before long, it becomes disturbingly clear: finding Claire Fletcher isn’t just going to be dangerous—it could be deadly.
Revised edition: This edition of Finding Claire Fletcher includes editorial revisions.

Sounds great, right? That's because it is! The writing is flawless, the story is captivating, and I might be a little bit in love with Connor. (Don't worry, Will Bryan, you're still in #1 position, but when you're busy, I'll take Connor). 

And speaking of Will Bryan...

*SIGH* He's still out there ready for you to discover him. He's charming and a little damaged (I'm sensing a trend with my book loves...hmmm) and he's British. Go find and love Will! I guarantee you won't be disappointed!

Thursday, June 15, 2017

The Weight of Lies by Emily Carpenter -- So good!

It's been a bust book reading week. I'll do just about anything to avoid writing the end to a book (Once, I even folded all the laundry), but this week, I have read some truly amazing stories. My favorite, so far, is The Weight of Lies by Emily Carpenter. 

Twists and turns abound in this psychological drama about Megan Ashley, daughter of writing sensation, Francis Ashley. Desperate to understand her troubled relationship with her mother or destroy it once and for all, Meg sets out to write a tell-all-my-mama's-worse-than-yours novel. To do this, she travels to the island that inspired her mother's sensational novel. Oh man. This book was a journey for me and Megan. By the end, I couldn't decide who I wanted to be the killer. With so many twisty turns, I couldn't wait to find out. 5 stars for excellence!
I was given this book by NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

Thursday, June 8, 2017

The Secrets of Southern Girls will leave you with a book hangover!

Wow. This 5-star book with its multiple points of view gives the reader the entire story from Reba and Jules' friendship, to Reba's romances, to Julie's relationship with her ex-husband. And it compelling from the first page to the last.

Product DetailsJulie thinks she killed Reba and it has shaped every aspect of her adulthood. August was one of the boys who loved Reba when she died and he's never gotten over her. Toby is the bad-boy who should have been off-limits to the sweet and pure Reba, but Reba had secrets, an entire life she hid from her best friend and the boy who loved her. And it all led to her death. Now, ten years later, Julie teams up with August (against her better judgement) to head back to the very racist Mississippi town where she and Reba grew up to find a diary she never knew existed, a diary that tells it all and could destroy everything she or August ever knew (or thought they did) about Reba.

I couldn't stop reading. This book made my stomach clench, my eyes leak and my heart break. I, like Jules and August, wished Reba hadn't died. I wanted the happily ever after for her and I even wanted Toby (actually especially Toby) to find peace. It was an emotional journey from first page to last that really made me feel what Julie felt and what August felt, even what Toby felt. Amazing story and I loved every minute!

Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Three Things Day #1 excerpt

Available now across all platforms!

Three Things by Melissa Shirley

Professional baseball player Ethan Remington—Remy to his friends—falls for Dr. Jillian Carter at first sight, but Jillian does things in her own time. It takes her a bit longer to realize this is a man worth hanging onto. And she does…for ten years, through the births of their daughters, through Ethan's career-ending accident, and through marriage counseling to deal with problems he isn't aware they have. A new job, though, sends Jillian on her way to another town, and when Ethan doesn’t follow, she lets the pain overcome the love she’s never forgotten. Ethan convinces Jillian to come home for a weekend where they face all their hurt, all their memories and a past that will either draw them back together or tear them apart for good.

I almost swallowed my tongue. Jilly stood in the doorway wearing only a towel, clutching it as though I might give it a yank—and boy did I want to.
“Yeah?” I sounded like I hadn’t quite reached puberty yet, but I hadn’t seen her this near naked in a very long time. Long legs…smooth skin…hair piled up leaving all those sensitive inches of neck exposed, begging me for tender kisses that would make her mine again.
“I don’t think the hot water heater is working. It’s coming out cold.” Her voice was soft, breathless in a way I couldn’t have imagined, and over the last months, I’d tried.
I smiled and swung my legs off the bed to follow her to the master bathroom. The water heater worked just fine an hour before she showed up when I’d stepped in and dabbed on enough of the cologne she’d bought me to remind her I still cared.
She moved to the side as I stuck my hand under the stream of ice-cold water pouring into the tub. I twisted one knob off and the other on, waited a second and shoved the stopper into the drain. I’d gotten the lines mixed when I built on the new bathroom. She knew that. “Hot’s cold. Cold’s hot. Remember?”
She chuckled, and I almost closed my eyes to imprint that sound on my memory. I would hang onto it this time, not let it fade until I couldn’t call it up again. “I forgot.”
Even if I’d wanted to—which I didn’t—I couldn’t have stopped myself from stepping closer, from pressing every bit of luck I might have had. “Did you?” She sucked in a breath as I trailed my finger down her throat and across her collarbone to her shoulder. “Or did you just really want me to wash your back?”
Every inch of her visible skin colored to deep, rosy red and her gasp caused a telltale hiccup. She tugged the towel tighter and lifted her chin. “No. I think I can…I can wash my own back.” Hiccup.
“You don’t sound very sure.” This was dangerous territory, me pushing her, but I couldn’t let this moment pass. Not now. Not with every single thing riding on her wanting me again.
“I’m pretty sure.” Hiccup. She snatched a long-handled loofa off the hook over the tub. “See. Got the right tools and everything.”
I grinned, pretty sure there was a joke in there somewhere I should have recognized and used to remind her I was charming and witty, the man she loved. Instead, I stepped away, dropping my hand to my side. “Damn. I should have thrown that thing away a long time ago.”
The letdown hit me harder than I expected, and I blew out a breath. This was not something I could rush. While the clock continued to tick off minutes not in my favor, I couldn’t force her to love me if she wasn’t feeling it.
I reached over her shoulder and pulled down a bottle of the bubble bath she used to love. I’d spent hours sniffing fragrances in a department store until a salesperson had stepped forward to help me out and I described the scent to her. Flowers and maybe coconut?
Every once in a while, when the hurt ached through me and missing her was almost more than I could take, I came in here, sat on the floor with this bottle and opened the top, letting the scent wash over me. In those usually drunken moments, I could almost feel her palm sliding against my cheek, her lips in the soft spot where my shoulder met my neck. Almost.

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Thursday, May 25, 2017

Memorial Day Blog Hop!!!!

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Melanie Cuyler is having a very bad year. First, she spills coffee on the pants of the most popular boy in school, the same boy she’s crushed on since … well, forever. Then, there’s an incident with a chocolate cupcake and the seat of her pants, an unfortunate attempt at kissing her best friend, a school change and the death of her mother. Unable to face her future her mother or her best friend, she wishes on a dandelion for a second chance.

When she wakes up, her mother is alive, her bestie is still himself, and no one knows the unfortunate nickname she earned thanks to the “cupcake incident.” None of those things—the ones she believed she dreamed—have happened yet. Slowly, it becomes clear that this was more than a dream and her dandelion wish came true. She has two weeks to change destiny, save her mother, and repair all the things she’s broken. But no matter what changes she makes, her new version of life doesn’t go quite as planned.


Sam Camden is on the verge of losing the only thing he ever cared about—his wife, Makenzie. First, she tells him she wants a divorce then she’s in a car accident and awakes with no memory of their life together. As much as he knows telling her the truth about their relationship is the right thing to do, he can’t leave her.

When he brings her home, suddenly the house she hated is perfect, she finds the closet she filled to capacity ridiculous, and the man she’s barred from her bed is all she wants. 

Makenzie knows something is wrong with her, but being married to the man she can hardly remember is more than she ever dreamed. She can’t remember her husband more than the feeling of safety he inspires, but as she watches him and the way he tiptoes around her and measures every word before he speaks it, and her memories come back in pieces, she’s torn between discovering the truth about herself and enjoying the contentment she feels with the life she barely recognizes.

Resisting their attraction to one another is harder than either is prepared to deal with, and together they have to figure out if they can overcome the secrets of their past or if it’s time to say goodbye once and for all. 

Dandelion Wishes Excerpt... A do-over beyond belief

“Did Tucker Fallon just kiss you?” KC’s scowl, along with the hands punched onto his hips say plenty of things his  quiet words don’t. For the space of one delusional second, I think he must care about me in the way I do him. Then, I remember the way he backed off my bed. I can hear the thud in mind when he hit the floor. The thud that ended our friendship.
I blow out one of those fake disbelief scoffs. It catches on a chuckle and escapes as a snort. “No.” A nod I can’t explain bounces my hair around my shoulders. “Well, yeah. That was weird, right?” And flattering…and maybe by tomorrow my heart will be able to resume normal pacing.
As if I’d imagined KC’s sour look, it disappears, and he tilts his head, not quite smiling, but no longer scowling. “If I was you, I’d get used to it, Mel.” He points at Tucker who shoots me a three-finger wave and the come-get-me smile that has been known to dissolve cheerleader panties at more than a hundred paces. “I’d probably also get vaccinated, but that’s just me.”
“Tucker Fallon kissed me. In what world does that happen?” Even in my wildest dreams—and I’ve already had one of those that didn’t include Tucker’s face being anywhere near mine—things like this do not happen to me.

“You went from tomboy to super model in the space of a day, Mel. You gotta expect that guys are gonna be looking at you now.” And the scowl is back.